Virtual SUG SAS User Group.

Welcome to the Virtual SAS Users Group

Welcome to the Virtual SAS Users Group home page…an on-line resource for SAS Software users!

As of Sept. 2010, VirtualSUG is "officially recognized" by SAS Institute, Inc. as a "Special Interest SAS Users Group."

Presentation Schedule

VirtualSUG will again start hosting live, on-line presentations soon. Please check back for updates. Click Here for Important Information About Virtual SUG!

Please read ALL of the information below to learn the IMPORTANT steps to follow to register for and then participate in free VirtualSUG Events:

How Do I Sign Up for VirtualSUG Sessions?
Click on the link (above) next to the session you want to attend and complete the registration form. An email confirmation will be sent to you from after your registration has been approved. Please do not reply to that email; if you have any questions, send an email to

How Many Sessions May I Attend?
You may sign up for and attend as many sessions as you want. Even though this is a “free” resource to the SAS user community, please only sign up for the sessions you have the time and interest to attend, thanks.

How Long Does It Take for My Registration to Be Approved?
It may take as little as a few minutes or as long as a day or two, depending on when you sign up for the event. Please be patient.

Could My Registration Be Denied/Disapproved?
VirtualSUG attendees are expected to demonstrate the same courtesy and professionalism that is anticipated at in-person events. Rude, discourteous or other unprofessional conduct directed towards VirtualSUG presenters and/or other attendees will not be tolerated and may lead to eletronic "ejection" from our events, as well as denial of future access to our sessions.

How Can I Get A Copy of the Presentation Slides BEFORE the Session?
Go to here to download PDFs of presentations given via VirtualSUG. There is no charge to download as many of these presentations as you want.

Are the Slides Available in “hard copy” AFTER the Presentation?
Yes, see the above question/answer. Most people find it useful to print a copy to follow in advance as the talk is presented.

Will You Email Me the Presentation Slides?
No. They are only available for download as PDFs via the link above.

Can I register for a VirtualSUG session right before it starts?
It’s easier for everyone if you register in AT LEAST two hours in advance of the session(s) you want to attend. We may not be able to complete the registration process for people who register immediately before, or during, the presentation.

What Happens After My Registration is Approved?
You will receive an email from A separate email will be sent for each session for which you have registered. Please save these emails as they contain important information and links you will need to use when it is time to sign in to the session(s) for which you have been registered. This email CANNOT be resent to you if you delete it.

Ok, I’ve saved the email. When do I sign in for the VirtualSUG session?
Please plan to start signing in about 10 minutes before the session starts. Remember, there are two parts to the sign in process: accessing the presentation display via the internet AND calling the telephone number provided in the email from GoToWebinar to hear the presentation.

I did not receive the confirmation email. Why?
There are three possible reasons why you did not receive the confirmation email from

• An incorrect email address was supplied when you signed up for the event

Solution: make sure you provide the correct email address when you register. Check the email address carefully before you submit your registration. If necessary, please re-register using the correct email address.

• The sending email address,, is not on your “white list” of approved addresses from whom receipt of emails is permitted.

Solution: add to your email “white list” BEFORE you register for VirtualSUG sessions, just in case. Or, check your email spam folder before deleting its contents.

• Your employer’s email spam filters are blocking emails from from reaching your “in box.”

Solution: ask your employer’s internet security team to “unblock” the email address so you can receive emails from it. If they refuse to do so, then consider registering for VirtualSUG events using your personal, rather than work, email address.

Can I call you on the phone to register for VirtualSUG events?
No, all registrations are handled via the online application.

What Do I Need In Order to Participate in Online VirtualSUG events?
All you need is a high speed internet connection, ability to download a small Java application to your computer's hard drive, and authorization to make a long distance telephone call to hear the audio portion of the presentation.*

How much does it cost to attend a VirtualSUG event?
There is NO charge imposed by VirtualSUG to attend these events. You are, however, responsible for paying the cost of the long-distance phone call to hear the voice element of the presentation. That cost is the contracted rate between you/your employer and your long distance telephone service provider.

VirtualSUG is NOT involved in any aspect of the relationship between you, your employer and your long distance provider. We do NOT charge an “extra fee” for you to make this call and we DO NOT RECEIVE ANY MONETARY COMPENSATION whatsoever for providing this service to the SAS user community.

Please do NOT send emails to VirtualSUG asking us what your charges will be to make this phone call. We are simply in no position to provide that information to you, and we will not respond to these queries.

My employer will not allow me to make a long distance phone call to hear the VirtualSUG presentation. What are my options?
Frankly, your options are limited. Some people use their own calling card or cell phone to hear the voice element of the presentation because they feel the modest cost of a long distance phone call is worth the content/knowledge presented via VirtualSUG. If using your own cell phone or calling card is not feasible under these circumstances then it is unlikely you will be able to participate in VirtualSUG events.

Why doesn’t the voice element of the presentation “come through the computer?” Why do I have to make a phone call?
Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to present the spoken element of VirtualSUG’s presentations is not feasible without charging a fee to attend the sessions. That fee would be higher than what it costs you to make a long distance phone call using your, or your employer’s, long distance telephony service. Also, many organizations block VOIP transmissions via their internet firewalls, creating even more problems for people wanting to attend VirtualSUG sessions. Our experience is that asking attendees to “dial in” for the voice part of the presentation is the easiest and lowest cost option that avoidinh requiring VirtualSUG to charge a fee to each attendee to participate in these events.

How can I test my computer’s ability to connect to VirtualSUG events? What other technical information is available that may be useful?
Connection information: VirtualSUG uses the GotoWebinar, a product offered by Citrix Online, to present our online sessions. You may test your computer’s ability to connect to GotoWebinar by using their Connection Wizard by clicking here. You will be asked to download a small file on to your computer which is then used to conduct the connectivity test. Please allow three to five minutes for the test to complete.

If the test results indicate “Good Connection Settings Were Found” there are NO problems impeding your ability to connect to VirtualSUG sessions using your current hardware, network and software configurations.

If you cannot download the connection “wizard” file, or the test results indicate that you CANNOT connect to GotoWebinar, you may want to discuss the matter with your organization’s network security team. You may want to provide them with the IP Range data available by clicking here.

The connection wizard test application also offers an opportunity for you to have Citrix’ support engineers review the test results and contact you with potential solutions to the connection problems. Please allow AT LEAST two to three business days for them to respond to your query. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT something that can be provided immediately before, or during, a VirtualSUG presentation.

You may want to call Citrix’ technical support hotline at 1-800-265-6317 to request assistance. Calls are answered in the order they are received, and wait times can vary greatly throughout the day.

Please note that VirtualSUG is a Citrix Online customer and we cannot provide technical support about their products/services. We are therefore unable to resolve technical or other issues at your workplace that may limit your ability to participate in VirtualSUG sessions via the internet connectivity provided by your employer. Some attendees have avoided these problems by bringing their personal wireless internet-enabled computer to work with them and then going to a coffee shop or other venue with high speed internet access to participate in our sessions using their computer and their cell phone.

Note: SAS is a registered trademark of SAS Institute, Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration.
VirtualSUG is independent of SAS Institute, Inc.
VirtualSUG is a trademark of Andrew H. Karp d/b/a Sierra Data Science. USPTO trademark application pending.